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    Ah come on.. let them play.. Mitch obviously needs the reps..

    Your baby can't do this

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    Lamar. Mother. ****ing. Jackson. Baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by More-Than-Most View Post
    tell people to stop pushing off : )

    we had the offsides 50 yard pass get taken away from us because of BS but lets ignore that right?
    are you talking about a play blown dead on an offsides you think should have been a free play?
    they really gotta get more consistent with that........some crews blow the play dead even if there's no defender remotely 'unabated to the quarterback', others don't......and from what I've seen, Erin has had crews give him a free play FAR more often than others....and some players relax assuming it's going to be blown dead....
    gotta love 'referential' treatment

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