We have reluctantly arrived. Our collective hearts crushed by an Altuve blast. The highest of highs leading so quickly and decisively to the lowest of lows.

The Yanks looked like a team that could and would defeat all odds. They managed 103 W's while maneuvering around more injuries to key personnel, than any team in recent memory has endured. No excuse, just reality. They overcame adversity. They had us believe it was possible.

The floor is open. Questions imo that need to be answered:

1) Rotation help. Cole, Strasburg or Wheeler?

2) Didi FA? Let him walk and move Torres over give DJ 2B permanently? Didi's value at an all time low.

3) Start extension talks with DJ immediately!

4) Is Gio the long term answer at 3B?

5) What to do about LF and DH.