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    AEW 10/23: Battle of The Bad Boys

    The Bad Boy Joey Janela took Kenny Omega to the limit on AEW Dark last week. Now he goes for revenge on TV.

    Speaking of Bad Boys, "The Chaos Creator" Jon Moxley and "The Bastard" Pac do battle. Who will be the baddest of them all?

    The Tag-Team Title Tournament continues with Private Party vs The Lucha Bros and The Dark Order vs SCU.

    They may be out but long time rivals, Best Friends face down The Young Bucks.
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    Jericho is pure gold. I must admit, he's really the main reason why I started watching AEW.

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    looks like i predicted. ratings are dropping in the wed night war for both companies. this thread is a ghost of what it was at AEW Dynamite launch. to be fair the raw and sd threads died off weeks ago on here too. but the original dynamite thread had like 60+ posts in it. that was just four weeks ago.

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    well people here just like to ***** about wwe but there is no real difference... OMG jack ****ing swagger came back to help jericho... OMG... lol... aew is fine...its better then nxt but its not close to raw or smachdown even when/if smackdown/raw is bad... just stop the ******** with this... OMG AEW.... NO... its fine but its nothing special either outside of JR announcing.

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    Hello boys!
    I must admit AEW has kinda rekindled my loving of wrestling. Or at least is trying. They arenít without their flaws by far but I find my self at least being able to watch the shows without feeling like I wasted my time. Low standard nowadays. We need more promos and character development. The matches are fun but they can only go so far.

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