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  • Curry

    8 53.33%
  • Kobe

    7 46.67%
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    Mar 2013
    As much as a absolutely hated Kobe, the answer is easily him. He was clutch in the playoffs and did more than just shoot 3s on offense. He also played defense.

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    Dec 2009
    Just like the Curry vs. KD debate, I'm going Curry over Kobe just because of how he can control the game and you could build around him.

    Kobe is like Harden high iq player that let's his ego get in the way. I think if he wanted to stat pas like Harden and Westbrook in the current game/generation he'd be just as effective or More. Neither Russ or James came into the league and were projected to be 10 assists type of players, they were both more like combo guards. But with the nature of how the game has evolved and is called racking up assists off of penetration isn't too difficult.

    Kobe has beter defense then both Curry and Harden so he has that going for him. I think he can think the game better then KD and has better handles then KD. But KD's shooting is more pure. Even with KD's length, I think Kobe can handle defenses better in the playoffs. KD when he wasn't playing with GS and Curry percentages from the field dip quite a bit, especially from range. Kobe has more in his arsenal and relies more on talent vs. Length and shooting.

    Kobe is the better individual player/talent, but Curry is the better team player and on court thinker, someone you can build a well oiled machine around better.

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