Its not just losing but how we lost... I stated it in the NBA area... We finally figured out we could use burks at point because he can ball handle and drive/shoot... it only took us till now to figure out something so logical...

Our defensive game plan was to guard their perimeter game in stead of making them beat you with their outside or deep shooting... The cavs stink at shooting and are awful with turnovers and instead we let them drive over covering the lanes and making them a jump shooting team... we literally did the dumbest thing ever and they feasted driving in the paint all game... They had over 10 layups before half.

Then Again we start horford with joel and browns logic is to get horford going lololololol

Our offensive game plan was same as usual... 5 guys around the peremeter with no movement followed by chucking of 3s... we have the worst basketball coach this sport has seen in a long time and it has killed our season.