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And you would lose that bet. LMA was not as good as Bosh bro.

I really wish Jamie was still around so he can break down LMA for you the way he did for me. LMA was a mid range guy who wasnt the most effecient of big men and was mostly over reated through out his career. His biggest hurdle was his mentality because he was to concenred with other players getting more attention than him, and he would complain if Duncan or Pops pushed him to hard to elevate his game. Because he simply didnt have the work ethic. Duncan would out work him even though he was way older than him. That tells me alot.

Take a look at LMAs career a little closer. He was a diva. We cant even really compare their mentalities.

LMA was immature and would let things like Lillard getting more attention bother him. And Before Lillard it was Roy & Oden https://nba.nbcsports.com/2015/11/12...lard-received/

Here's an article about nothing would make Aldridge happy. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nba/...b1vfjci3rsrzlr

Here's one where LMA says hes unhappy with the spurs and wants to be traded because he wasn't enjoying himself. https://www.sacurrent.com/ArtSlut/ar...ring-offseason This is after a 67 win season and being eliminated in the 2nd round. What kind of player is not happy on a 67 win team with championship aspirations...

When Bosh went to the Heat he was willing to sacrifice all his personal accolades to win a ship. He took on a smaller role, he played off the ball, he didn't care if he was seen as the 3rd star. He didn't care if he had to be a spot up shooter on the 3 point line because Lebron dominated the ball. He did whatever was needed to win. He cried one time and it wasnt for attention, or that he was being worked to hard. It was because they lost and failed to reach their goal. That's how committed Bosh was to their cause. There's a huge difference there in mentality even if you don't want to accept that Bosh had the better skill set and ultimately the better career, then maybe this paints a better picture of why LMA was never successful.

I know exactly where you're getting the comparison from. Its from when LMA was drafted. His player comp before getting drafted was Bosh. But we have both players entire careers to compare since then and Its obvious that LMA didn't have the same impact or skill set as Bosh.
Umm.. so youíre saying bosh was efficient when he was the guy in Toronto? Definitely not from the eye test. Havenít looked at advanced stats from his days with Toronto.

But yes. Bosh won when he took a major step back and became a complimentary piece. Just what I feel he would be best suited to play in the modern game.

Youíre saying he would be more impactful these days, Iím saying he would be about the same impact on winning. Can contribute to a winning team as a 3rd option. Will stuff stats and make some plays but at the end of the day the other guys need to make things happen.

If you look at Boshís run with the raptors and LMAís run with the Spurs... the w/l records seem eerily similar with both guys at the helm.