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    Quote Originally Posted by smith&wesson View Post
    The fact that hes matching or beating Currys best season in the loffs is impressive. Were talking about a guy who people beleive is the best shooter or will go down as one of the best shooters of all time. So yeah its probable that Murray doesnt sustain this but the fact that hes doing it when it counts means so much more than just a hot streak through reg season games.
    The shooting probably isnít sustainable, but the creating is. Heís creating plenty of good shots for himself. So maybe he shoots a lower percentage, but he will be a regular 20 point guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smith&wesson View Post
    Love kawhi but that leg is a concern. Even when we won the ship last year he was showing signs that the leg was bothering him.. load management or not theres always a chance hes not 100 percent. I personally dont think he has more than 2 maybe 3 prime years left. Hes not gonna have the longevity that lebron or even lowry has
    Iím with you, hoping for the best for him that it is not something chronic that would end his career sooner than he would want to. But I really donít believed that he just choked in game 7, not his nature at all.

    Ballmer that arrogant prick had major buyerís remorse lol, him and his minion tamperer Lawrence Lawrence Frank deserved the embarrassment. They mortgaged their teamís future to acquire a perennial choker Paul George. I wouldnít be surprise that they will totally regret their Inglewood project and the gentrification of that area.

    I hope Kawhi bolts and go somewhere else when his contract is up.
    Giannis and Oladipo 2021 Movement

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