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    "Loser" from the Westbrook Trade - Mike D'Antoni

    Losers from the Westbrook trade : (as stated in the article on the front page) Mike D'Antoni

    In all honesty, he seems like a great guy, but not a great coach. This whole "I only run an 8 man rotation" thing needs to stop, and seeing him go from team to team to team with this mantra just illustrates that you can't change a Tiger's stripes - that mentality has to go, ergo, he has to go.

    The question now is ... say we pull the trigger and show Mike the door - who takes his place?
    Whose coaching style and ethos would fit with Harden and Donatello? (Who's gonna park a TMNT van in front of Toyota center with the "R" license plate with "uss" airbrushed next to the R? )

    A few ideas ... feel free to pick it apart or opine your suggestions :

    George Karl - sure, he's 68 - but he was also one of the biggest thorns in the Rocket's side in teams and years past. Has the game changed so much that he's out of touch with today's rules? I'm not convinced of that yet.

    Tom Thibideau - now look, a few of you were down on me when I wanted to get Nene here back in his Denver days, and we got him eventually (somewhat diminished but we got him and it wasn't a bad move), the same for Kenneth Faried (and I still hope we find a way to keep him), and Carmelo Anthony (who I still think was blackballed by management and D'Antoni, and wrongly sent off for no good reason aside from cap relief). This guys defense-oriented, sure - but he CAN and should be with this team. We have apex-scorers, so he has no reason NOT to focus on defense because the offense will come naturally.

    Jason Kidd - dude's a baller, HoF'er, and by all accounts, a "player's coach" - I think he's willing to try new things, and build up budding talent. With a stable of Harden, Westbrook, and Gordon, he can more or less focus on honing Capela, Rivers, Hartenstein, and other young role players to shore up what we lack on the floor. With Kidd it's going to be about approach with his veterans and keeping the ego's in harmony with one-another, while convincing them to play nice with the young guys and put some trust into them when it comes playoff time - fight the urge to play hero ball.

    I'll keep it to these 3 - if I had to choose only from these 3, my money would be on Thibs, then Karl, then Kidd in that order... or better yet, HC one, AC the other two if they're willing. What say you?

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    I would much rather have D'Antoni than any of those three. D'Antoni can handle big personalities. Thibs cannot, and I think most of the Rockets players would hate playing for him. Karl is fine. No thank you to Kidd.

    Westbrook and Harden will be running the show. You need a coach to sit back and be a people person. D'Antoni handled the transition with CP3 joining the Rockets well, and Harden has played his best ball under D'Antoni.

    Plus, if this experiment fails, they can use D'Antoni has the scapegoat next offseason.
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    Yeah, I'm going with D'antoni, as well. I'm really excited to see what the offense will look like with Westbrook. And there's no one I trust more than D'antoni to figure it out. Players also love him, and that's as important as anything else.

    And what does make you think Karl is looking to come out of retirement?

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    I honestly think Westbrook fits D'Antoni's offensive style really well minus the whole "shooting 3-pointers" thing. But even if Westbrook could just shoot a competent percent on catch and shoot 3s when Harden is running the offense, they should be fine. The bigger question isn't whether D'Antoni can adapt Westbrook into his offense but whether Westbrook can change up his game enough to play more off ball around Harden and vice versa.

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