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Thread: D- Lo Status

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    D- Lo Status

    I find it hilarious that there are tweets coming out labeled "report" that say the warriors are not looking to trade D Lo. The information is coming from a reporter that asked bob myers a question regarding D-Lo's future with the warriors. The answer is being presented if there is some breaking information that is coming out from a blatantly obvious response (Given the situation).

    1) D Lo cant be traded until at least mid December.

    2) The warriors have not even looked to see what they have in him yet.

    3) With Klay out- the warriors need his production now

    4) If the warriors want to get decent value for him- there is no way they are going to broadcast that they have no interest in keeping him and he is on his way out as fast as possible.

    Now if multiple other GMS came out and said the warriors have listed D lo as untouchable- then that might be worth paying attention too. But the warriors saying they want to keep D Lo seems like the only thing the front office could possibly say in the position they are in right now.

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    Yep. News without news.

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