It looks like it could be rough. I remember Jim Barnett saying that the little guys usually would win when it was little guys vs big guys in a scrimmage- but that doesnt seem to be the case. I understand the size issue on some rebounds- but I saw pascel bobble a rebound out of bounds at the end of the first quarter with no laker within 15 feet of him. (Im not sure thats a size issue- just a lack of effort and focus)


* Jordan Poole looks pretty good. Looks like he could be one of the first 3 or 4 off the bench, and he could make russel expendable down the line.

* Eric Paschall did not impress on either side of the floor, and spellman shoots open shots but doesnt look like a good shooter at all.

* Jacob Evans looks improved and more aggressive. He made a few jump shots- but i didnt see him run the team particularly well.

* D Lo- Maybe my expectations were too high with him coming in to replace durants scoring and relieve Curry- but he looked like the same D lo I remember from the lakers 2-3 yrs ago.

* Marquess criss is going to make this team, and I think he is a rotation player

* Glenn Robinson did not impress me

* Fortunately for Glenn Robinson, neither did Mckinney

More to come after the game-

Oh yeah if lebron or AD miss significant time for any stretches during the season- lakers will struggle.