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    Analyzing Gleyber Torres’s strange start at the plate to 2021

    Analyzing Gleyber Torres’s strange start at the plate to 2021
    The Yankees’ shortstop has struggled catching up to the heat.
    By Tom Krosnowski Apr 14, 2021, 10:00am EDT

    Much has been made about Gleyber Torres’s defense early on in 2021. He’s had a hard time acclimating to shortstop at the big league level, leading to questions about his long-term fit. However, there weren’t supposed to be serious questions about Torres’s bat. He’s a career 120 OPS+ hitter who has a 38-homer season to his credit and should only be growing at age 24.

    However, Torres’s offensive performance has been inconsistent since the abbreviated 2020 season. That year, he became more selective at the plate, but he was also sapped of his power and hit just .243. Given his strong finish to the season and solid playoff performance, it seemed fair to say that Torres’s dip was just a 43-game sample size aberration rather than a true issue.
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    Was he juicing his fantastic year? Sadly, that's always a question. I don't think so but who knows.

    He has certainly been less than what was expected. Again, it's so early in the year that I am not yet concerned but as discussed previously, the work ethic is a question.

    You read about Dominguez and how he lives his life. You hear about it with Judge, Stanton, Frazier. You don't with Torres. (Or Sanchez). The FO pushes the narrative that they work very hard but I am starting to doubt that more and more.
    To be clear and fair, Gleybar is nowhere near the level of lazy that Sanchez is but as a kid who has not yet proven himself, because I don't consider 1 great year as proof, he needs to work harder than ever.

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