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Even if Paxton only has an average yr and the Yanks let him walk after this yr, they still got the better end of the deal . They also got the better end of the Pineda for Montero deal
I think this is an incomplete way to evaluate trades. It's not just about players in the deal, it's about players in other prospective deals.

If it's just a comparison of Paxton to Sheffield then we're obviously winning. But could Sheffield have been used in a deal for a different pitcher who would have been better than Paxton? Same with Montero/Pineda.

In both cases, it seemed the Yankees favored giving up "just" Montero/Sheffield for a starter. And as such, they got less back than if they went with one of those guys plus other highly regarded prospects. Would they have been better off using those guys as part of bigger packages for better pitchers as opposed to the more "one for one" swaps they did (realize they weren't LITERALLY one for one but you know what I mean).