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    Mar 2010
    Klis says that it's "A serious injury. He will be out a while."

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    Jul 2010
    I saw the typical return time is six to 8 weeks for that type of injury. aka he is going on IR more then likely. I know in the hype for Purcell getting his start lost in the shuffle was that Gotsis was just straight benched. ugh it just makes me sad sometimes that we haven't had a single high pick bust out till last year with chubb who just tore his acl.

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    Jun 2009
    Hell on Earth- Missouri
    Just so y'all know, I have a tee time at 1:20pm CDT tomorrow.

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    Nov 2004
    We'll put this theory to the test dbroncsimo.

    I'm going to risk it and make a GT. I'm winless doing it....but I'll roll the dice.

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