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Only if those stats provide meaningful information, which I've been arguing this entire time that most of them do not, particularly advanced analytics. At the end of the day we're left with their peers picking kobe, the advanced analytics pointing to LBJ and kobe having 2 more titles despite having a tougher road to the title. That should lead people to wonder whether the advanced analytics are measuring meaningful information. That is, the advanced analytics do not accord with what their peers think nor do they accord with who has won more titles...something doesn't quite add up and it's pretty clear that its the advanced analytics.
I see your problem, you assume that rings somehow provide meaningful information about an individual as opposed to the team. You are in a catch-22, you say that advanced analytics don't measure meaningful information because they aren't coinciding with who wins the title the most, but titles don't measure meaningful individual information because they don't coincide with who is the better individual player. Yes, even amongst stars.

Some people with more titles are better than others, some people with less are better. Some people with advanced stats are better, some with advanced stats are worse. I agree, context is everything. But I am failing to see a context that demonstrates Kobe > LeBron (though I do think, like Ewing, that it's closer than an absolute landslide).

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I think he means that the shaq who played with LBJ was old. Wade was pretty close to his prime though when he played with LBJ. Wade was widely recognized as the 3rd best player in the league when he and LBJ teamed up. Wade's numbers decreased when he was playing with LBJ, but that is to a large extent because LBJ has typically turned superstars into glorified role players, which has always been my primary critique of LBJ. Doesn't show up in his own numbers, but it shows up in his superstar teammates' numbers...and it's not conducive to winning.
Other than the 3 titles and 8 straight Finals appearances you mean?