Yea, this team was built for a short season, especially if it means double headers and all that type of stuff. Having a quantity or quality approach to pitching lends itself to this type of season.

I've always been a fan in theory of going shorter, more frequent outings with pitchers. And maybe not neccesarily a ton more frequent. But instead of throw 100 pitches then take 4 days off, how would arms react to throwing 65 then taking 3 days off? Or possibly a little less. And if you actually developed your farm to succeed in that type of environment, it could really open things up for you. Guys in the draft with 1 plus pitch and 1 okay pitch may be more valuable to a team that onyl wants you to throw 3 innings every few days.

You'd never attract top, top FA pitching talent, but you may be attractive to the Jordan lyles and Wade mileys of the world. And you could be able to build your staff at a relatively affordable rate, since you wouldn't be paying any one pitcher a big sum.

With 13 man staffs, you could still employ a traditional closer. You'd have 3 guys go every 4 days or so. And you don't need to be rigid with it either. If the opener is throwing well and gets through 3 quickly and easily, you let him go 4 or 5 and maybe give him an extra day off. Then one of the next two guys can maybe only throw 1 and be available for an extra innings game or if someone struggles. Once you start factoring in off days and all of that, you could really get creative. Maybe have 5 guys throw 1 or 2 before an off day. Or skip a guy once and awhile.

So I wonder if this season would be a nice trial for something like that.