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Thread: Prognosis

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    Feb 2009


    Whatís your prognosis of this team?

    Whatís happening, what needs to happen to cure it, and where will they end up at the end of the season.

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    Feb 2009
    I for 1 actually like this.
    I know itís crazy, but I say put money down on the leafs to win the cup this year.

    Going through this tough time now will strengthen them for the rest of their careers. It should also help prompt a trade from dubas to upgrade a position or 2.

    This team is so talented - they WILL catch on fire sometime this season. Ideally It will happen down the stretch and into the playoffs. We have seen that the standings mean very little in the playoffs. If youíre in it, youíre in it.

    Andersen is looking like a goalie that you can ride to a cup.

    Itís crazy, but Iím calling it right now.

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    Jan 2009
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    A few things in my opinion..

    1) Roster construction. That's on Dubas. That being said they haven't had a chance to play once with a fully healthy roster. It also might take longer to gel due to all the changes.

    2) Maybe it's just a slump. Happens to all teams. But giving up the first goal all the time and giving up goals seconds after you've just scored is very concerning.

    3) Absolutely NO adjustments made. Two and a half seasons ago teams figured out that if you play the Leafs physically you get them off their game. No adjustment. Two and a half seasons ago teams figured out the long stretch pass and that annoying drop pass on the PP and shut it down so the Leafs can't set up. No adjustments. When you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.. Well the definition of insanity is..

    4) Babcock will still throw the Goat over the boards with 5 minutes left when they're down by a goal or two. He also always seems like he wants to pick on one player for whatever reason. Last year he made this incredibly stupid comment.. "I like controversy." Just dumb. Who the hell wants controversy around their team? Who the he'll wants controversy in their life period? I could go on about Babcock but I'll stop.

    Anyways I wouldn't start to worry much yet. If this is still going on at Christmas time then I would start to worry.
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