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    Apparently we told players not to rush accomodation for Dunedin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wamco View Post
    Im with that. Grienke, not hand. I have no interest in a Hand job. The first one stunk.

    For similar money , Id go Grienke easily over Kikuchi
    LOL.... Hand was more like a blow 'the game' job, but I like your way of thinking!

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    I'd prefer to keep Borucki. I think he's going to be valuable in the pen and as a spot starter.

    The Lost Boys of PSD

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    I would keep him. Though I have to imagine we can trade him for a RP who's in the minors if we sign a few more guys in FA.


    Seems like a good pen to me even factoring in some regression. Keeps Pearson in AAA as well since you ideally only want to put him in the pen if he fails as a starter. If he fails as a starter in Buffalo and a pen guy struggles in the first few months then you can call him up as a full time reliever.

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    Oct 2008
    One of borucki or stripling needs to go in that case so our bullpen can also shuffle in:

    Castro, hatch, Kay, thornton, Francis, saucedo, Snead, merryweather and logue and pearson as management sees fit. You dont want to block 10 big league arms.

    Id trade either or both of stripling and give the 7 and 8 spot to merryweather and kay, both of whom have options. And kay is a lefty. Or have stripling as the 5th starter. If he flops, you release him.

    Start Pearson, logue, and Francis in aaa as sp 6,7,8.

    Pearson is the true wildcard here. Pete Walker expects him to break out. If he could be a minimum salary competent 5th sp, that is huge.

    If not, Id love to see a kc royal style heat-heat-heat 789 of merryweather, Pearson, romano

    Or Pearson as 78 and Romano ala biagini and sanchez.

    This is a rare season where Im high on nearly the entire roster. If I had to pick a few I think will regress, Id prob just go with espinal and romano. I think biggio will bounce back big. Biggios can do anything. And even a better season from grichuck when not pushed into a ft gig.

    Would they have signed Garcia first before Jansen, you think? I think they go cheap add and cheap sp add and get a big bat. Story as a 3b/2b man on a 1 year deal, I could see ala semien

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