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    The Joe Maddon Thread - Thank you, Joe

    I, for one, am thankful for what Joe did to the city of Chicago and for the Chicago Cubs. For all the crap he has gotten, he probably says it best "if you were in the other dugout, I'd be kicking your ***" or something of that sorts. It's easy to sit on a message board, box of 'za and beer in hand and second guess everything after it happens, hell, we are all guilty. But Joe, Joe like it or not was something truly special, and by the way some entitled acting posters act in here was somebody we didn't deserve. Faults, yep, every manager has them. Favorites, yep, every manager has them. Foolish pride, yep, every manger has it. Loyalty, yep, same. The list goes on and on. Joe did what he was brought here to do, if you can't give him all the credit he deserves for that, well, shame on you. Without Joe, Javy never becomes Javy, we don't win a WS, we don't scrap the lovable loser mantra that has plagued us forever. Joe deserves more than what some of you are choosing to give. End of the day, it's on you, but I know one thing is certain: Joe gave me one of the best rides that October that I shared with my family every pitch of the way and arguably the best night of my life sharing it with them on that chilly, rainy, Wednesday night in Cleveland.

    Thank you Joe, you will truly be missed.

    End of Season Stats
    .542AVG/.562OBP/.889SLG/1.451OPS/21RBIs/3Dingers(1 grand slam)
    Selected to All-Conference Team
    Selected First Team All-District Team
    Selected First Team All-Region Team

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    The Joe Maddon Thread - Thank you, Joe

    Agreed 1000%, Dawk.

    Thanks for everything, Joe. You were a part of the team that finally helped us reach the promised land.

    You will always be forever remembered in the city of Chicago with the likes of Phil Jackson, Mike Ditka and Joel Quenneville
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    2016 World Series Champions!!!

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    From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU JOE MADDON!!! Forever a Cubs legend. Thank you so, so much for all you did for this ball club.

  4. 09-30-2019, 02:32 PM
    Unneeded. If you'd like to ask questions, please use the PM function. Thank you.

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    Thanks Joe! I hope youíre successful where ever you go!!

    PS: canít wait to hear you in a broadcast booth!!!!

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    I'll definitely miss the guy. Already kinda feels like a mistake, but we'll have to let it all play out.

    Anyway, I've never seen a run like this from any team I follow, may never again. I know they didn't win multiple titles, but they were consistently in the mix and still won one. The expectations are through the roof now, as they should be, but let's not lose sight of how good the Cubs were during his tenure.

    Good luck to him. I think he goes to Anaheim now that Ausmus was fired.

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    Joe is a legend. Best Cubs manager of our lifetime. He will be missed

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    Thanks for making this BDawk. I didn't have the stomach to do it. Idk. I feel genuinely sick about the fact Joe won't be the manager. I don't know that there's anyone we can hire that will ever loom as large as Joe. True bigger than life personality and it was one thing to imagine a life after Joe, but it's another thing entirely now that he's gone.

    It's a sadder time than it's been as a Cubs fan than it's been in a long time. Hiring Joe felt like the beginning of a new book in Cubs baseball and his departure certainly feels like the end of the book.

    With that said, there aren't words but yeah, thanks Joe. It's been an unreal 5 years.

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    Jun 2019
    Hes going to anaheim to manage trout, guys. Boooooooo

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    He managed the Cubs to their first WS win in over 108 years and something that while I am now in my early 30's I honestly started to fear I would die before seeing one. I am still very very passionate about the Cubs every bit as before, but there is def. more of a calm for me. He was apart of giving me some peace even though allot of people may say, "it's just a game that's silly", it just meant allot.

    I'd really have to question anyone who doesn't owe this man nothing, but the deepest of thank you's. Joe is and always will be a legend Cub in my book. It really feels wrong as I guess maybe I am a bit blinded, but I look at allot of the faults people harped on him and with some hindsight I think was it really that bad? I just don't think anyone as was equipped to take a young group like this team and do the unthinkable in 2016. Like I said, he wasn't perfect, but he was a damn fine ML manager.

    At the same time I always embrace change. I don't want a rebuild so I am just very interested in what plays out over next 1-4 years.

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    I agree with the sentiment here. Maddon is the first manager Iíve been disappointed to see leave the Cubs. I get it, I donít necessarily disagree with it. Thereís just some sadness around it.

    I donít think this will be the hardest departure to take this offseason, but itís still a shame.

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    Changed the culture and image of the franchise. Took a team full of babies mixed with a few savvy vets and won 97 games year one while beating the Cardinals, then led the team to what most thought was never going to happen in 2016. As the front office brought in high priced underachieving free agents you still found ways to win the next few years regardless. This last year was tough but you were dealt a crappy hand with the roster. You should always be considered legendary in the city of Chicago and you will be missed. I thank you, my family thanks you. Good luck Joe and unless you end up managing a rival I will root for your team.

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    Maddon will always be a legend for 2016. Incredibly, his biggest strength was ultimately his downfall. A loose clubhouse, hands-off, player-friendly approach made these kids into stars, but once they reached stardom after 2016 this loose approach failed to reign them in, reign in their egos, or unite them into a disciplined unit where baseball fundamentals were paramount. Your ego and complacency post-2016 rubbed off on your players, that's the leadership you also brought to this team, and Theo is probably a part of that too.

    Thanks for 2016 Joe, you did what you were hired for, but couldn't create a dynasty. Unlike your players, you have been held accountable for your failures. May this be a lesson for the future, though unlikely given your stubbornness and ego. Good luck. Thank you, next.
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    Thank you Joe. You were the best manager in my Cub lifetime. How you transform a young mostly inexperienced team into a contender and eventually champion is something I never thought I would say and you were a big part of that. You will always be remembered for that and I hope you have continued except when playing against the Cubs.

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    The Joe Maddon Thread - Thank you, Joe

    Joe Maddon is a Chicago Cubs legend.

    Itís going so be so strange seeing another manager next year. Even if you think Joe Maddon took the the team as far as he could and a different manager, with a different set of ideas, is the way to go, it will still be incredibly strange. Wherever Joe Maddon end up, NL or AL, I want that team to have a series in Wrigley Field in 2020.

    I canít help feel like it is an end of an era. Joe Maddon is gone. Strop and Zobrist are FAís and most likely wonít be re-signed. One or more of the core (Bryant, Willson or Schwarber) might be traded.

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