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    If Quinn wants players to be accountable he needs to move Lias up the lineup to reward his play. Kreider, Strome, Howden, and Lemieux all need a kick in the pants.

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    I attended that game (section 13 row 4 seat 8)...and boy, that game went sideways so fast. After the Rangers struck first...I thought, ok! They look hungry, energized, and ready to roll...or NOT!

    A lot of blame to go around.

    The coaching: Quinn has gotta do something about the defense and the puck handling.

    The offense: With a little over 3 minutes remaining in the 3rd, Rangers have a power play, pull the goalie and STILL couldn't score once!

    The Defense: Basically Ranger goalies are facing nearly 40 shots a night. That's awful.

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