Saw the India games. I did not see the last game. I heard a bit on the radio and kept up with the stats.
Here's what I think..
1.) Bags looked like trash the first game like he didn't know how to play defense. Better the 2nd game, and much better the 3rd against The Suns. But that first game he acted like he never played Def6in his life he was grabbing Sabonis with two hands, like he was waiting for a flag to be throw accompanied by a 10 yard penalty. Seeeeesh! I am not sure him have Rico as his personal trainer is going to work out.

2.) Fox, Buddy, Bogi, and Homes are what we thought, Dedmon really helps.

3.) Giles needs to see the floor... (now he won't at least until the regular season) or I am going to go crazy.

4.) With out Fox we would not win a game.