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Thread: 2020 Offseason

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    I feel sorry for Zaidi having to put up with those nincompoops. Can only imagine what was said behind closed doors.

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    Thanks for posting that! It was evident from the second Zaidi was hired that many decisions he would make in the future would create displeasure within the fan base. In just the past year this guy brought us Yaz, Dickerson, ridded Melancon's entire horrible contract, got Dubon, Jaylin Davis, and the list goes on. Thats 1 year. Our farm has improved and we have more quality young players with upside.

    Simply put, we aren't ready for another championship run right now. But expect them to bring in a Castellanos or Puig type player. In 2021 or 2022 is when we will begin to be competitive again. As young players are called up and the contracts of Crawford Belt Posey Longoria get off the books.

    These same people who are blasting Zaidi and causing problems during this process will be the same people praising him in a couple years when we have a stacked lineup leading the NL West again. Sure it sucks losing players like pillar and Vogt, these are the same guys Zaidi brought in or traded for.

    In a sense, it was pathetic reading that long article because while I can understand the pessimism, this is exactly what Zaidi wants to get away from. Decisions from the heart. People need to look at the facts and look at Zaidi's transactions made with the + - and all factors included, these people should be bowing to Zaidi and thanking him not causing stress due to desire to please their clueless emotional selves. This is a process. These people are either impatient or don't understand what needs to transpire for the San Francisco Giants to compete again for years to come.

    Thank you thus far, Zaidi; you've done well up until now Farhan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spliff(TONE) View Post
    Indeed. Between the reactions to Kapler taking over as manager and Pillar being non-tendered, there's going to need to be a massive suicide watch over the Bay Area if/when Bumgarner signs with another team.

    I don't care much about the Kapler or Pillar moves. Honestly, letting Vogt walk bugged me quite a bit more than both.
    Agreed. If Vogt replicates his play from last year or even comes close, he's well worth the 1-year $3-mil plus price tag...I just think the Giants front office strongly believes that Bart will debut sooner rather than later in 2020 and they don't want to have three catchers when he does.

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