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    Quote Originally Posted by still a fan View Post
    Question you here to talk BB or just be a nasty SOB? You should read the rules here, few things but one is you can't change log on name, just saying.
    Lmao i changed my name because i forgot my password to my other acct, hence why i dont use it. Its not like im using an alt.

    And from the first day i joined this forum you tried to turn the forum against me(as if i would care) because i brought up Mitch Robinsons shady past, particularly his immaturity which I was proven right when he came to camp out of shape.

    I wasnt hating on the kid, i was just pointing out his faults as i do all players, i also brought up his strengths but you guys ignore that.

    And Unlike you I can point to a players strengths AND weaknesses without any bias, because following young prospects is what i enjoy the most because i played competitive ball, and because knicks always suck so young players are always our future.

    But you couldnt take it, and decided to go after me, and than even made up sources to try to prove your made up nonsense.

    So it is what it is.

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    Sep 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by sharqstealth View Post
    Frank sounds like he has a new found confidence, just really hoping that translates to the court.
    I said it months ago, franks balls havent dropped yet, hes still maturing physically, and when he gets bigger, stronger, faster, his confidence would sky rocket.

    We got a taste of that during FIBA.

    I dont care if ppl like frank or not, but if you didnt recogize how much bigger he looks on thr court, and how much better he moves during fiba, your blind.

    Its like a superhero who just found out he has super powers. Hes just now understanding what hes capable of.

    Dsj had his superpowers since high school and knew that. But for whatever reason, he hasnt got passed his potential yet, its anyones guess if he will or not.

    Where as frank is just finding out he has superpowers. So the jump he can make as a nba player, is still limitless. Thats why ppl like me and other frank supporters are so patient with him.

    Theres no telling where his untapped potential will go. Maybe hes a top tier glue guy, maybe hes a bust, or maybe hes one of the top 2 way players in the nba, its all on the table for him still.

    It doesnt matter if other young players are ahead of him, none of them have his untapped potential.
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