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  • NOP

    5 27.78%
  • OKC

    11 61.11%
  • GMs here

    2 11.11%
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    Quote Originally Posted by unleashthebeast View Post
    Ahh yes, jamychal and his 2.7 three point attempts per game. I have no idea how I could survive the offensive onslaught from him.

    Dwyane was still great of course, but just look st the numbers. He wasnít on the same level in that postseason. There really isnít any disputing that

    Same thing right? Bron hasn't logged thousands of minutes in the meantime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super. View Post
    The biggest issue for me and New Orleans is that LBJ doesnt have that secondary guy on offense to rely on. He's surrounded by excellent role players, but never won without a secondary offensive star.

    Bron has a lot of ****ing minutes on that frame, and Im just not sold on the fact that he has to offensively shoulder the load in this series, especially when OKC has 3 players who can effectively do that if necessary.

    I like Brogdon, but Im sorry, he's just not on Cryrie's level, and I currently despise Cryrie. Gordon isnt even close to Beal either. Obviously Bron is a better player than PG, but its not by some insane gap.

    Dray is the ultimate role player, but his matchup is...Marc Gasol or PJ Tucker? Thats not a great matchup.

    I think, at the end of the day the star power just wins it, and this NOP team is one of the most solid teams Ive ever seen constructed, but theyre just that, solid. At the end of the day, Bron can't shoulder it all.
    Not really sure LeBron necessarily needs a clear cut "secondary star" to win. Sure he's yet to win one without one, but he's also yet to play on a team constructed as well as the one UTB built around him. In general, the whole "secondary star" component is overblown.

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