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The defender put his hands up as if he himself was worried about a flag. The official proceeded to not grow a flag and just tell him to watch it. Seems like he was just giving the defender a general reminder. If heís trying to favor Brady Iíd think he would throw the flag on the hit the defender himself was borderline illegal.

The first name does sound weird for a ref to say but itís Tom Brady. The refs have been working with him for 20 years now so I donít think itís like super absurd or anything to call him by name at this point.
he did put his hands up as if he was worried about a flag.....but can you look at that play and suggest he was remotely close to deserving one? He was worried about a flag for the exact reason this thread exists....the amount of babying quarterbacks in general get, especially the Brady's of the league

and yes, it's absurd to call a player by their first name....professionalism would mean he's not particularly thinking about the who involved, only the what