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    Quote Originally Posted by GibbyIsMyHero View Post
    My frustration lies in the turnovers, and yes, i realize these are debatable.

    Yes, many of the interceptions have been tipped or bobbled.

    The fumbled snap - I thought JT OíSullivan generally described these pretty well once (canít remember where I heard it) - that if the QB recovers it, it was most likely a bad snap. If anyone else recovers it, it was most likely fumbled because the QB pulled out early. We can give benefit of the doubt here.

    Neither of those scenarios are an exact science. I think though, that while we can generally apply the ďif the receiver gets his hands on itĒ logic to tipped pass interceptions, we should also consider trends and the frequency at which tipped pass INTs occur for a particular QB.

    For example, hypothetically, if in most of these scenarios for a particular QB these are line drive throws into heavy coverage and tip the outstretched hands of a receiver, is that really always solely the receiverís fault?

    If these catches are made, the QB is praised as a Ďgunslingerí who Ďthreads the needleí and thereís minimal mention of the WRs. If the pass is tipped and picked off itís almost always the guy whoís physical well-being is on the line who is assigned the blame.

    Whatever it is, Iím behind Jimmy. For the whole of his career, he still hasnít started one seasonís worth of football games - heís still just getting his feet wet. I think the offense as a whole still needs to develop chemistry and comfort in the system and these mistakes will start to shrink away.

    Letís hope anyway, because as weíve seen thus far, there is a lot of potential here.
    Tipped and bobbled passes are a little the QBs fault too.

    On fumbled snaps there is no consistency. The QB should not pull out without the ball, if the center doesn't deliver it to his hand or doesn't let go consistently it's his fault, if the QB gets the ball away from the center it's the QBs fault if they then fumble. But the transition can go either way.

    There is a difference between a QB who uses their physical gifts to fit the ball into tight windows, which Jimmy CAN do, and one who takes bad risks, which Jimmy does too.

    What bugs me about Jimmy is when he throws proper mechanics away when he doesn't need to, and when he tries to fit the ball into a tight window without proper mechanics. It's one thing to take a calculated risk and another thing to be dumb about it.

    All that said, Jimmy is clearly the most gifted QB overall the 49ers have had since Young, but like Young did Jimmy has some growing to do.

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    So, are we better than we think or did we catch TB napping hard? Because they put up 50 on the damn Rams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedandGold_35 View Post
    So, are we better than we think or did we catch TB napping hard? Because they put up 50 on the damn Rams.
    I think this team is better than everyone thought, and I realize everyone was trying to temper expectations, but Iíve felt that way since the start of the year.

    A 3-0 start is good, but the offense has been out of sync in two of those wins. As this season moves along I imagine offensive execution will start to become second nature and, regardless of the results, weíll simply play much better.

    I also think the Bucs are better than anyone has been willing to give them credit for, slightly perhaps, but that comes and goes with whichever version of Jameis shows up. Our defense deserves credit for keeping them out of sync.

    And Iíll add one more - the Rams are a really good team, they just arenít as good as advertised. That offense goes with Todd Gurley. Sure they put up 40 today, but only because it was a straight up shootout. There were 109 pass attempts (68 for Goff!) to 41 rush attempts (11 for the Rams). Thatís insane.
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