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    Tigers 2020 Roster (Sorry)

    Well, the years not even over and it was pretty dang sad to say the least. None of the prospects I wanted to see got up to the big club and now it's looking like none will start out the 2020 season with the club. My guess is, at best, midway through the year they may start trickling in. Saw an article with Chris Illitch basically saying he isn't spending any money on free agents so sorry but this may be the starting roster for 2020:

    1B- Goodrum
    2B- Harold Castro
    SS- Willi Castro
    3B- Lugo/Candelario
    C- Grayson Greiner
    DH- Miggy
    RF- Victor Reyes
    CF- Jacoby Jones
    LF- Christian Stewart

    Lugo or Candelario (whoever doesn't win the 3B or 1B job)
    Hicks- 1B, C, OF, DH
    Demeritte- OF
    Troy Stokes, Jr- OF
    Brandon Dixon- 1B, 2B, OF, DH



    Look for guys like Burrows/Funkhouser/Soto to make a run at some BP spots. They are going to slow play the top prospects like Mize, Manning, Perez, Skubal, etc... until they unload Zim and Boyd. Unless there are a lot of injuries to the starters we won't see anyone until late in the year.

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    You don't think Rogers will stay with the big club?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahoda View Post
    You don't think Rogers will stay with the big club?
    Absolutely not! OR he shouldn't any how but we are talking about Gardy and Avila here. The kid is WAY over his head at the plate. I don't care how good you are defensively, you just can't CAN'T stay in the big leagues while putting up a line of .115 BA, .227 OB, and .260 slugging. The sad part is he hasn't really hit much above that in the minors except for a short stint at AA. He did, at least when we traded for him and I pointed this out at the trade, put up a very nice OB% in the minors at most times but that has even gone away. A .230 BA with a .320+ on base percentage I could live with (give or take around 15-20 HR) but as he sits now. NO WAY I consider him on the roster starting out.

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    I gotta figure we'll let Brandon Dixon get another shot as a starter

    as middle infielders go, Harold Castro is the only secure guy, so some shuffling to let Dixon prove he sucks will last a month or so, then weed him out and proceed from there

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    I've changed my direction on what I want on the pitching staff. I really want to create room on the 40 man roster for some of our hitters coming up that need to be added to the 40 man or lost so I have changed the MLB staff a bit to create room:


    Boyd (will most likely be traded at the deadline)
    Fulmer (counting on him being healthy- if not some of the bullpen group can help out)
    Matt Moore (yes- resign him. He did very well when healthy, he will be cheap, we know him, and he is only 31)

    Jimenez- closer
    Farmer- set up (he actually impressed me last year)
    Soto- LH
    Norris- LH (I think he needs to go to the BP and could be a huge asset if he focuses on it)
    Schrieber- last 7 games he had a 2.35 ERA with 12K/1 BB in 7 innings
    Bryan Garcia- don't go by last years MLB sample, this guy will be a good strike out guy in the pen
    Beau Burrows- It's time for the Tigers and Beau to realize his potential in the MLB is out of the pen (part time starter)
    Kyle Funkhouser- see above also with part time starter in him.

    So that is 13 pitchers, which I believe we will carry with the roster spot addition next season. We go young with guys already on the 40 man roster. The following are guys that we don't really need clogging up the 40 man. They will have a shot at making the roster but I am hopeful we can fill with the guys who have more potential above. I don't see me crying if we remove them from the 40 man and someone takes them.

    Tyler Alexander
    Drew VerHagen
    David McKay- he was the one guy I really wanted to keep
    Matt Hall
    Marcos Diplan

    Here is how I set up my AAA and AA staff's next year in preparation of them moving to the big leagues at some point next year:

    AAA Rotation
    Jake Thompson (he quietly did really well last year after picking him up- former 1st rounder of ours that we picked up from Philly after being released)
    5th starter (Alexander, Hall, Diplan)

    AAA BP
    Anthony Castro
    Nolan Blackwood
    Zac Houston (don't give up on him just yet, need to get head straight though)
    Ethan DeCaster

    AA Rotation
    Skubal (to start the year but should be at AAA soon)
    Franklin Perez (if healthy he should move fast too)
    Joey Wentz (completes a very nice trio of starters still at AA)
    Elvin Rodriguez (up from A+ after a nice year)
    Paul Richan (up from A+ after a really nice year after trade from Cubs)

    AA Bullpen
    Alex Lange
    Wladimir Pino
    Logan Shore (I don't see him staying as a starter with our depth)

    As you can see, if all things stay healthy and productive we should have a wealth of arms coming at the tail end of this year and then the following year. Zimmerman will create an opening soon, and Boyd will most likely be traded. The best part is we won't have to worry about signing a pitcher to a big contract until possibly 2023 (Fulmer) or beyond once Boyd and Zimmerman are gone. Future looks bright on the mound.

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    Read an article about the Red Sox wanting to shed $$ this offseason and contemplating moving Bogaerts plus Price or Eovadi in an Adrian Gonzalez 2.0 trade. What would you give to make that trade?

    Iím thinking Boyd, Jimenez, Faedo and a couple smaller pieces for Price and Bogaerts. Red Sox need cheaper younger pitching both in the rotation and pen, organization depth in the minors and to shed salary ($52 million a year for those two). Tigers trade from their strength without giving up one of their top three. Tigers eat a bunch of payroll and get a great young middle infielder for the next 5 years.

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    Gasman, I like the idea. To push the rebuild further and faster you have to be bold. I think I would make that deal and then as soon as Price starts looking good, I trade him for more prospects. I didn't realize he was only 33 years old still so he has some MLB life still in him. As for our pieces back, I would be fine with Boyd, Jimenez, and Faedo. But others could be Turnbull, Jake Rogers, Willi Castro, Kody Clemens might entice them, or Castro, Funkhouser, or Burrows. None of those guys are "key" blocks moving forward or cost much for Boston.

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