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    Quote Originally Posted by cykoraider View Post
    Saying Carr has "never been the problem" I just can't agree with (my opinion). After his injury, he played scared and was too quick to check down or throw the ball away, they guy was afraid of contact. While he wasn't all of the problem, he was a huge portion of it. I'll just say he didn't nothing improve a bad situation. Knowing he had the talent but lacked the heart to use it was what had me hating the guy so much. This year is a complete 180, looking downfield, moving and extending plays (especially on 3rd down). I know it's early for league MVP, but he's playing like a team MVP right now. Hopefully we don't see a second half collapse after the bye week. As is stands today, I'm glad we didn't trade him for the Walmart brand (Great Value) cheesy curls I wanted to trade him for. He's worth the real deal actual Cheeto's this season (just a joke chill out fellas!!) But seriously real deal Cheetos
    Yeah I understand your take

    After breaking his leg and coming back to a terrible team he made ďbusiness decisionsĒ to get the ball out and not risk going 6-10 vs 4-12 (or whatever the records were)

    I would say it paid off.

    Man is healthy
    The players around him got replaced and are better
    Now he can shine

    I donít expect a QB to be a martyr with a shitbag team
    Especially one whose older brother was David CarrÖ

    I donít blame him one iota for any of our failures.

    Until the culture changed, the players changedÖ he did what he had to do.

    On top of that - the dude is the bonafide leader and coach on the field for our current team.

    The players all seem to have his back and so does the staffÖ not like the goon squad O line that laid down vs to he redskins

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    Carr and Gruden have made it clear that they would play not to give the ball back to the defense to quick, They wouldn't want him taking deep shots, And you don't think they knew they weren't ready to compete? I don't see it as playing scared, Why get hurt for a team that isn't ready. I am sure Gruden/Carr both came together on this.

    I would love for the admins to shut this down until it's time to reopen it in 10 years, When Carr is ready to retire

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    I guess me assuming that one should give 100% every game and "leave it all on the field" is something of the past. Participation trophy's and half assed effort was never an option. I guess I'm behind in the times. Sucks getting old!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cykoraider View Post
    I guess me assuming that one should give 100% every game and "leave it all on the field" is something of the past. Participation trophy's and half assed effort was never an option. I guess I'm behind in the times. Sucks getting old!
    Not taking unnecessary hits and playing conservatively is not the same thing as not giving 100%.

    You talk about participation trophies ... there's no bonus points for proving your manliness by not sliding or standing in the pocket way too long. For a QB, self-preservation is sometimes for the long run good of the team. Maybe you gain a win or two by going balls out. But you also likely end up losing some from more turnovers, or a scrub backup QB having to play large chunks of the season.

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    I think itís unfair to say carr doesnít leave it all on the field. Iím pretty sure the play that carr threw the ball away on third down (last year?) was covered before and it was the same play he put his body on the line rushing for a first. Either way, he has taken risks when he needs to.

    Unfortunately, as Iíve mentioned before, his pocket mobility is a weakness. He doesnít seem to scramble as much as he should and doesnít buy time that way. His fetal position reaction with the defender still sways away against the chargers is a great example of this. He not a quick tractor with his feeet. So that could have been his best option in his opinion. Definitely the opposite of the deshaun Watson play against us, lol.

    With carr, itís the weakness you need to expect. His strengths are accuracy and command of the offense. As long as his strengths prove greater than his weaknesses, weíll be ok.

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    I support Carr, after the 2017 season I was disappointed in him, I still get aggravated with 3 and outs, throwaways, and inefficient completions on 3rd and long.* I hope to see a couple of Superbowls under Carr.* It's nice to have continuity at QB.

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    He's playing well....again. Looking forward to some newfound playoff memories.

    "Win some games, make the playoffs and show me you got some balls under the bright lights"

    -tippa irie

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