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    Quote Originally Posted by valade16 View Post
    How come it seems like the 49ers are forever living with a potential QB controversy? lol

    What are everyone's thoughts on Trey Lance thus far? By all indications he has been killing it in training camp (though how many team's see the same thing from a promising rookie that doesn't pan out).

    I am really looking forward to seeing him in the preseason.
    QB controversy is good. It means the backup looks good.

    I'm glad Shanahan is going to do what I wanted (and Walsh did with Montana) in that he's going to put Trey in in situations where he can succeed to mix things up, build his confidence, get him some reps at game speed.

    Nothing but good.

    I really want to see the whole team play ... the vets who were injured coming back, the young vets taking leaps forward, the rookies contributing.

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    Well Trey get's his moment to shine this week. Cardinals haven't the best CB's so hopefully we get to see him throw it down field on top of his mobility. Gonna be exciting week 5 regardless hopefully he does well as do the 49's this week !!
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