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That's my issue with his entire off-season. He just did things to do things, rather than see what's out there.

Subban is hands-down better than Braun or Niskanen. Hell, Fletcher probably could've just waited and brought in Gardiner for $4.25M AAV, kept the 2nd & 3rd he traded for Braun and used that to bring in another good prospect (more ammo for later) or player.
Im glad he didn't bring in gardiner. We don't really need a guy like him. We needed guys who can play defense and solidify pairings/have pk duties to all guys like provorov/sanheim/ghost to do their thing. Should've just brought in subban, kept gudas, and gotten another veteran 4th line center (not boyle or shaehan, someone better) or 4th line rw.

Can you imagine this team:



i dont mind our 4th line of raffl-laughton-twarynski/pitlick but it can be better and we need to change our identity on the bottom 6--its been bad for years. I don't like elliot and would've loved to upgrade that position. Would've loved bernier a few years ago but we stuck with neuvy who got injured again and cut from the leafs. If fletcher wasn't able to get a guy like subban or trouba because he didn't want to give up frost, farabee, or ratcliffe I would get it but it seems like he didn't explore that option. Obviously we don't know but it would've been more satisfying if he made these moves after striking out on those guys lol. Easily would've given up ratcliffe, 1st rounder, hagg for a top pairing d, easily. You stack up our assets and our amazing "top 10" farm to make move that help in the short/long run. I disagree that we need a bonafide scorer and thats why we are where we are..maybe a few years ago but now we have one of the deepest fwd groups


-we need our defense to be much much better or we will still suck
-don't believe in elliot as much as i thought i would to be a capable backup for us (please prove me wrong lol)
-patrick is really making me worried that he will be our new neuvy and not live up to his potential
-our pp still looks bad as they still have g/voracek on the wrong side
-pk looks better though

If they are going to put giroux on the left side then at least put konecny in giroux's old position. If voracek had a one timer we easily would've just done what we always have (and we still should). Either put tk on g's spot or put g back and have ghost in voracek's spot for the one timer and sanheim at the top.