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    Cubs vs red Sox 2003 world series

    This was very close to happening if wasnt for massive break downs. Would this have been the biggest event in major league baseball history? Sports history?

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    With both teams still at the height of their droughts, the Red Sox having to overcome the Yankees in the ALCS, the Cubs getting there at all for the first time since '45 - yes, absolutely with regard to MLB history. Prior and Wood before both careers were derailed by injuries, at this time they were thought to be what was going to be the most dynamic 1-2 punch in baseball for the forthcoming decade - opposing Pedro and Schilling who were massive, massive headliners on their own albeit entering the proverbial back 9 of HOF careers. The Cubs anchored by half of the equation that brought baseball back to prominence five years earlier in Sosa, the Sox with a historic HOF combo in Ortiz and Ramirez (and a still extremely relevant franchise face in Nomar as well at the time).

    If you were MLB, you truly could not ask for a better script at the time. The fact that it ended up being a Marlins/Yankees six game relative snoozer with considerably low ratings was what assured me, as a kid in high school, that at the very least I could rest easy that the baseball playoffs certainly weren't being fixed.

    Sports history is a different question - it's possible but it's just so, so subjective. Baseball history though, yeah this would've been it. With both droughts now snapped though and overall star power just not of the same caliber, this isn't really something that could happen again. Like a Yankees/Dodgers World Series this year would probably garner pretty decent interest and tv ratings but it wouldn't approach the stratosphere of what Cubs/Red Sox sixteen years ago would've been.

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