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    George Springer carted off field after wall collision

    He makes the catch, falls onto the warning track and his head slams into the wall. Hope there isn't any long-term effects from it

    Houston Astros center fielder George Springer left Tuesday night's 4-2 road loss to the Milwaukee Brewers after crashing into the center-field wall while making a catch.

    Springer made a leaping catch of a Ryan Braun shot to deep center to end the fifth inning, but his head crashed into the wall as he was landing. Teammates immediately rushed out to him, then called on athletic trainers, who tended to the star outfielder as he lay in pain on the ground.

    After several minutes, Springer, 29, was able to stand up with the assistance of Houston manager AJ Hinch and a trainer before leaving the game on a cart that made its way to center field.

    "It was bad,'' starter Zack Greinke said of what he saw. "I was just hoping there's nothing serious because a lot of things can go wrong when that stuff happens. So it was not a good feeling, really.''

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    I wonder how long he is expected to be out.

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    Jesus Christ between this, Hiura and the Pineda suspension my fantasy team is hurting bad.

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