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I just don't get this one. What could they be seeing in Mannion in a couple months that's better than what they've seen in Sloter for 2 years....then on top of that, Browning may not clear waivers and suddenly we'd have ONLY Mannion and Kirk........getting a pick for him is one thing, releasing him if they don't is another
Based on what the reporters are saying, it's all a mental thing/practice thing. He struggles with the play calls, checks at the line, getting people where they need to be, etc.

Ya know, all things he'd likely improve if given more practice time. Ugh. Essentially, he performs well in games, despite struggling at practice. I guess the Vikings prefer the opposite of that. See: Trevor Siemian

I know he's just a backup QB, but I haven't been this frustrated about a Vikings situation like this in a while. Makes you wonder why the Vikings coaching staff isn't confident enough IN THEMSELVES to work with him and improve the mental aspect part of his game. That's probably the most concerning part for me.