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    Saw an article on Tigers pitching staff 2021

    I forget where a read it but it was a couple days ago about what the Tigers starting rotation could look like in 2021. They had a staff of Manning, Maze, Skubal, Boyd, and Norris I believe. This could be a decent rotation but I think you are going to have Fulmer back at full speed by then and the same with Franklin Perez. I also think Boyd will get traded at some point, unless he can't keep up his start of the 2019 season and goes back to a mid 4.50 ERA guy and then gets shuffled into the bullpen or released due to salary arbitration issues. Either way, I don't see him in the rotation in 2021. I think Fulmer takes his place. Norris, I just can't trust health wise or consistency wise to allow him to be in a 2021 starting spot. I think he is going to be a bullpen guy in the end. I know he hasn't done outstanding when in that role but I think he could be very good in spurts out of the pen, especially if he regains his fastball speed. My prediction for the Rotation is as follows:


    There are so many others that could peak and get in the rotation over these guys: Turnbull, Funkhouser, Faedo, Burrows, Wentz, or the two I took out in Boyd/Norris. But I think all these guys end up in the pen or spot starters during injuries. This would make a very solid bullpen by the way. In the 80's/90's young starters would start in the pen and work their way into the rotation of get a chance in a rotation from a trade (which is another way some of these guys may not be in our rotation- the trade) There is also a chance some of the following could make big jumps and pass some of the guys listed, as our depth in pitching is outstanding right now:

    Garrett Hill (Lakeland)
    Carlos Guzmnan (WM)
    Hugh Smith (WM)
    Wilkel Hernandez (WM)
    Chavez Fernander (Conn)
    Keider Mantero (Conn)

    Some positives in what is dark, very dark, skies right now.

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    Tigers have an absurd amount of pitching in the minors. I can see a couple of them being traded for offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahoda View Post
    Tigers have an absurd amount of pitching in the minors. I can see a couple of them being traded for offense.
    we can only hope

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