Its late. Mets lost. Im feeling Melancholy. I was speaking to a friend and he called me a bad person. I never thought this particular thing made me a bad person but it made me think. Maybe I need to cleanse my soul. I need to confess.
For years I was a thief. Petty theft really. But over the years I thieved heavily which was probably a span of 2-3 years. I probably stole around 1 million dollars of merchandise. At the time if I wanted it, it was mine. I didnt do anything special. I just had a really big purse and even bigger balls. I got so comfortable and confident that Id walk straight out of stores with items in my hands. If you've seen me, I think I might come off that confident irl. No one would think twice that I didnt pay for the lamp I was walking out of the store with. I stole expensive foods like hemp hearts... why are hemp hearts so ****ing expensive!!! I stole housewares, clothes, shoes, make up, and if there was a gift i needed to get someone, Id steal that too.

Anyway, you get the point. Tonight for the first time. I felt bad about it. Only because I was called a bad person by someone I think is very nice. I know Im not. Im just a brat because I always got what I wanted. I could still be a part of the thieves guild if I wanted to but Im not. I dont need to be. There. I cleansed my soul. Thanks for being a witness. Maybe my friend will forgive me.

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