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    Raw has a heel problem

    With Balor out, you look at the roster and most of the top guys are heels aside from Braun, Seth (who is arguably a tweener), and Ricochet. Miz and Mysterio are there to get the younger guys over at this point so I can't even really include them as high priority faces. Maybe R-Truth if you consider the 24/7 title anything more than a comedy gimmick.

    Most of the major guys are heels. Joe, Lashley Corbin, Styles, McIntyre, Zayn, Lesnar (when he shows up) are all heels.

    WWE needs to consider turning a couple of these guys and giving guys like EC3 a push as a face.
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    Uhhhhh. I just think times have changed. You have to be extremely talented to be a face nowadays. Could Brett Hart or Hulk Hogan have level of success they had in WWE today? Look it storylines from Game of Thrones were the lines of good and evil are blurred. Thats what people like. People like pure babyfaces too but imo it takes an extreme talent to pull it off. I cant think of one babyface I like right now.
    The biggest problem of all is the scripting. Thats the real problem.

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    i wish they would get away from the heel/face crap... heel/face is fine for 1 or 2 guys... like a cena or hell even a roman reigns... but overall when a joe and bray and orton as heels are getting cheered over faces you need to realize people want real or close to real over this OMG i get my power from the crowd and will fight the good fight ********.

    Superman is a boy scout and amazing BUT he isnt as popular as batman for a reason... you cant be all goody goody and last in todays wwe unless you are a unicorn like a cena... amazing on the mic and in the ring etc etc etc.

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