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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBigCheese12 View Post
    You just hate Denny lol. It seemed like there were a few drivers who did a throwback to themselves this week.
    I do hate him, I hate him with everything I got, but that was my problem with it and its what I said at the time, I'm not backing off that. Its still a dick move to throwback to yourself and I wouldn't have done it, but I think its a little more justified by a guy that's going to go down as a legend compared to a sidenote. It would be like if Matt Ryan honored himself during a game compared to Tom Brady. If I were Jimmie I woulda done something throwing back to Ricky H's GMAC scheme, surely Ally woulda gone for that as I'm sure there are some upper management people still with Ally that was with the company when it was GMAC. I know Byron did it in XF, but it woulda been cool to see it in cup.

    Or I think it woulda been bad *** to see all of Hendrick Motorsports do throwbacks to the Days of Thunder cars since Hendrick supplied all the cars for the movie.

    Yea, Eric Jones a "throwback" to his late model days... like 5 years ago LMAO
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