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    Oct 2010

    Week 0 Game Thread

    Miami @ #8 Florida
    7:00 PM

    Arizona @ Hawaii
    10:30 PM

    Welcome back college football!

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    That loss really stings.

    Sacked 10 times, 14 penalties, muffed punt in the red zone... so many mistakes, and still had a shot to win the game on that last drive.

    With freshmen starting at several key positions, I really didn't expect the game to be close, so I guess it's not quite as disappointing, but **** moral victories.
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    Nov 2010
    Annapolis MD
    Florida did not look like a top 10 team at all.

    Khalil Tate looked good, and it's got to sting coming up so close at the end of the game, but Marcel Yates really had no answer for Hawaii's offense, and that lost them the game.

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    Oct 2010
    I would say Florida's pass rush certainly looked the part but it would be fair to acknowledge the youth on the Miami o-line and at QB (Williams was holding on to the ball too long at times). I imagine some progression in experience will help with that so the fact that they were in this thing for the whole time was impressive. That said I understand not liking moral victories either especially being so close with the help of a god awful throw from Franks.

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    both teams looked bad, Franks is only a junior? He's been around forever and he's still the same guy

    Miami's o-line is horrific

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