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    Quote Originally Posted by thawv View Post
    Yes, but he will be a 25 year FA. 26 at the start of the season. Still very, very young.

    I know it's splitting hairs, but I'm referring to when he will be on the market.
    Yeah about 4-5 months younger than Harper was as a free agent or than Juan Soto can be as a free agent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prior22 View Post
    Fans get irritated when the player says I have to do whatís right for my family. As if getting the extra three million per year, or extra year, in free agency will have improve their families ability to survive.

    Someone who leaves a job paying 15 dollars an hour for one paying 18 dollars an hour is potentially doing whatís right for their family. In his or her case that extra three dollars per hour could mean a lot to their family.

    As a player just say you want the most money possible, and donít reference your family. Itís insulting to people who actually are just scraping by. Not that Bryant will use this family line. I just donít like it when others do.
    Exactly I mean what can you buy with 30 million a year than canít at 25 million a year? Once you are making that money it doesnít matter since you can still afford anything you want. The players are spoiled and entitled these days at a very early age since they all come up now very young and very good.
    I think itís stupid to get 5 or so million more to go to a team that sucks/fan base or a city/ballpark that sucks. I want players that arenít about themselves and want to win and enjoy the ballpark that always is packed

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    Nationals at Cubs IGT - 08.23-08.25 - BDizzle's Promise

    KB might want to go to San Diego to be close to home and where he went to school. They are on the rise and should be competing by next year.

    Although I doubt they can afford him being a mid-market team and all. Itís very unlikely with Hosmer and Machadoís contract but after 2022 Hosmerís contract goes from 21 mil per year to 13 mil per year until the contract runs out. I still donít see them being able to pay Machado and KB 30 mil per year each and be able to afford other needs. I guess I just talked myself right out of that one. SD has done some crazy things in the past though.

    Edit: I forgot Myers had that huge contract. It runs out after 2022 with a 20 mil option in 2023 that they will most definitely buy out for 1 mil. With his money gone and Hosmer cutting his contract by 8 mil it could be possible if he really wanted to go there and they really wanted him. They could move him to OF or just shift every infielder over and play KB at 3rd. Itís still unlikely. They will probably have bigger holes to fill since the left side of their infield will be as solid as any in baseball as it is.

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