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    Quote Originally Posted by Tg11 View Post
    I say Luka has potential but I say it will be Giannis or even Embiid
    I think the accent holds them back.

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    I actually believe Lebron will play until he's at least 40 years old. That said I believe by the time he's done he won't be the face of the league nor close to what he is now, think Jordan on the Wizards. I don't really believe that any one player will take up the mantle as "face of the NBA" immediately after Lebron, but a specific team could take over in Lebron's absence, much like the Shaq/Kobe Lakers took over the NBA post Jordan. As to who that will be, it's anyone's best guess the way players change team today. The only team I can for sure tell you it won't be is the Knicks. If Giannis joins the Lakers or Warriors in the next few years I would say them.

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    Giannis as the face of the NBA

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    It's going to be Kawhi. The Toronto media ate up his quiet but nice demeanour and it's so easy to love the guy until he rips your heart out and leaves you.

    All jokes aside, the dude never gets in trouble, works his *** off and took a nation by storm with his laugh. He's marketable and on top of it all he's an incredible basketball player. In a year or two he'll be the best player in the league.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChongInc. View Post
    Facts can be hypothetical.

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