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    Quote Originally Posted by bartron_44 View Post
    When I look at the numbers for qualified "everyday" players in the PCL (players who had 2.7 PA per league game), there are only 19 people with an OPS over .924. Most of those guys are older than Fisher, and there are only 8 OF's among those 19 players (1 other CF). I definitely wouldn't call what he was doing in the PCL "average".

    I think the Jays probably started looking at him after the 2017 season. In his first go around in the PCL when he actually did qualify as an everyday player (and was 3 and half years younger than the average player in that league), he had the 4th highest OPS among qualified players at .967 over 343 AB's. PCL or not those are some pretty solid numbers for a 23 year old outfielder with "plus speed". One can see why they would get excited. It goes back even further than 2017 though..

    Here are is OBP/OPS numbers by year:

    2014 (age 20 in Rk/A-)- .386/.806
    2015 (age 21 in A/A+)- .364/.847
    2016 (age 22 in AAA)- .347/.852
    2017 (age 23 in AAA)- .384/.967
    2018 (age 24 in AAA)- .363/.798
    2019 (age 25 in AAA)- .401/.924

    He's been a good looking offensive player pretty much since the day he was drafted. He just hasn't gotten over that last hurdle yet.

    Here is what I went by

    Please post a link to your data
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    Plus with people like Atkins and Shapiro in charge, it doesn't do a lot to inspire confidence if that. I mean yeah sure they have set up great platforms for rebuilding but at the same time what are they doing to try to compete now in the AL East?

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