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    NBA Re-Draft Sign-Ups

    It's that time of year again! Time for the NBA Re-Draft.

    For those that haven't played, the game is simple. Via a snake draft (random order), we choose from amongst all the players in the league to build a team and then compete against each other in a vote based playoffs to determine which team is the best!

    For those of you that have played in the past, you all know how difficult it is to compete and win a Re-Draft with a low pick. This year, however, there will be a little twist that will help even the playing field. Each team will have a set hard cap depending on where they pick in the draft. You can read more about the rules here:

    If you have never played before we highly encourage you to do so, if you have any questions or need help we have many experienced players who are more than willing to help! Got to know basketball though of course!

    If you wish to play post in this thread and answer the questions below:

    1. Have you ever played a PSD game before?
    2. Do You Need/Want a Co? (Not letting vets get co's unless we get a ton of sign-ups or if they need one)
    3. Should we do team names? If yes, then say the name you want.

    GM List:
    1) Jets
    2) Soxtober
    3) KJ
    4) dhop
    5) Sadds
    6) VC
    7) UTB
    8) Homie
    9) G1
    10) MBT
    11) Valade
    12) TO
    13) Super
    14) Sep
    15) Wrench
    16) TrueFan?
    17) ThomasTomasz
    18) MurphTurph
    19) ChiSox219
    20) Mr. Baller
    21) Strive
    22) Westbrook36
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