I know Adam Erne is viewed as a 3rd or even 4th line guy but I think he could be much better than projected. First off, he is VERY comparable to Glendening but could have more upside on offense given the chance. Erne put up 20 points (3 game winning goals) in his 60 games last year whereas Glenny put up 23 in 70+ games with almost 5 more minutes ice time than Erne. Glendening had 198 hits last year (which led the team) and Erne had 159 in less games and ice time so he could easily fill that role as well. They are both above average in face offs as well. Where Erne thrives, IMO, is his high shot percentage (10%), his take away to turn over is really good, and he is responsible on defense while on the ice with a +10. I like the fact he is a bit of an agitator also.

Most of what I am reading have him battling Ehn and De La Rose for a spot on the roster but I see it more him pushing Glendening and Helm off the roster with possibly both being moved. In going a bit in depth on the stats, given less ice time than Ehn and De La Rose, Erne is head and shoulders above them. That being said, I like both Ehn and De La Rose and they fit the scrappy responsible role on the 3rd/4th line but I think Erne can be a solid line member on the 2nd line. I would much rather see us move the two older guys to create room for all three players.

All in all, with an increase of ice time to the 15 minutes Glenny gets a night Erne could really thrive and be the Bertuzzi for the 2nd line. I think Steve really got a steal for Erne with a 4th round pick.