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    SD 8/13: Best Kept Secrets

    The "Best Kept Secret" Buddy Murphy maybe should have kept his secret, now he has to deal with Roman Reigns. It's no secret, The Big Dawg wants blood.

    Randy Orton didn't take the title, but he did get in the head of Kofi, will there be a rematch?

    KO kept his job, and now is in the king of the ring tournament. Can it be king KO?

    Matches tonight:

    Buddy Murphy vs Roman Reigns

    Ember Moon vs Charlotte Flair
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    murphy and roman put on a ****ing show tonight... what a match wow. Moon and flair was really good as well... the last match was awful though with new day and orton and the revival.

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    The Rock did it for Rikishi.

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