I think his play will determine his contract. Itís a big Gamble for Dak . You guys can say wins are a team stat and in a general view it is. But if he plays the year without a extension they better get near a SB if he wants to crack 35 million . Zeke or no Zeke. His stats will also have to be good but they wonít get far if heís having a bad year . Zeke or no Zeke . So itís all on him. His contract, the already high tension situation of a 5 billion dollar team not even having 5 playoff wins in forever . And most importantly my ability to come in here and bury you guys again. Itís all on Dak in many ways. How much will he get if he wins a MVP? He has played at or near a MVP level whenever he has had a WR #1 . Cooper is on the team. Dak has a couple MVP votes as a rookie. Crazier things have happened. How much does he get then?