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    Quote Originally Posted by CP_414 View Post
    How about this one?

    Contreras for Trea Turner. Financial cost is about the same. Add smaller pieces as necessary. Cubs would probably have to add someone else decent.

    Nats might because: their top prospect is a SS and hes mlb ready. Their catchers suck. Upgrading catcher cheaply instead of paying for someone like Grandal could give them financial flexibility to try to keep Rendon.

    Cubs might because: They fill 2b or 2b/CF/SS rotation with a cheap, very good player and rather than spending on a 2b or CF they can spend on Grandal and significantly improve the defense at catcher.
    I like this idea quite a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The20thK View Post
    Cishek, Kimbrel and Kinzler werent exactly lighting the world on fire before their DL stints.
    Maybe because Cishek and Kinztler were overworked due to lack of pen depth. Phelps was a decent grab but not the reliable guy who can shut a team down in the 7th tor 8th that we needed. We needed one more guy at the level of Cishek or Kintzler. Now we're back to Strop trying to close games.
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