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    Pats, Brady agree to contract extension through 2021

    Patriots signed Tom Brady to a two-year contract extension worth $70 million.

    Brady gets a pay raise for the 2019 season -- he's now the sixth-highest paid quarterback at $23 million -- and is now under contract through 2021.'s Ian Rapoport reports Brady will make $30 million in 2020 and $32 million in 2021. It's an extension that's like no other given Brady's age and performance. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the contract is expected to be reworked each season with both sides essentially taking it year-by-year. Brady will be heading into his age-45 season when this contract expires. Maybe Brady will start showing major signs of decline by then.

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    Being a Patriots fan I donít mind the deal which would put him around 44?

    Coming soon to a WWE Ring near you!

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