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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
    I think Id be good with a 3rd and 5th considering age, injury history, contract requirements
    No thanks to that trade.
    This is how you quickly bog down the cap.

    No more quick fixes until we are in real contention.

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    Given how expensive QBs are (how high they go, trading up, contracts after rookie deals) its far more important/cheaper to ensure you do what it takes to develop the QB. Giving Darnold a great offensive line is probably the best way to find out if he has the goods or not. I am one for not wasting time. There is a price, but getting Trent Williams would solidify us as a top 10 OL IMO.

    I would do it.

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    Depends on the contract he would demand, if it was team friendly I would. But hes holding out for big money, and it would take a 3rd more than likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwallstreet View Post
    haha delusional
    Someone underestimated the jets!

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