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    Quote Originally Posted by metswon69 View Post
    I feel so bad for Samoa Joe. Best promo on the roster, good wrestler, and just eats **** constantly in big feuds.
    This is the one thing I blame on vince TBH.... Joe would jump way ahead if trips was in charge... Vince made Owens lose weight or they were going to basically cut him.... no chance he is gonna push joe with how big joe is and its sad... He can easily be the best heel on the roster and should be the world champion

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    so is joe aka the new bray wyatt going to be in the O.C.? why have gallows and anderson intervene when they did not begin the night as the champs. attacking them makes no sense. i get the logic reasoning is to set up a summerslam title match but they could have used the revival who has a history with the uso's or even the viking raiders here.

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    This RAW was the worst garbage I have seen in like forever. There literally was no segment or match I liked at all, not a single one, and I donít remember that happening ever before.

    Becky has become annoying as hell, the womenís division is regressing more and more, Mike & Maria stuff is cringy bad, Brock vs Seth is terrible and uninteresting, and wtf was that clusterfck ending of the show? Seriously Wtf was that??? Out of nowhere has come Cedric freaking Alexander lately to make Drew look weak when he should be crushing jobbers like Alexander.

    One more week like this and I am quitting RAW for real this time.

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