– TMZ reports that former Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey suffered a really nasty finger injury on the set of the new show 9-1-1 for FOX. Rousey injured her fingers when she was slamming a door during a dramatic action beat while filming in Mexico. However, she ended up slamming the door on her fingers in the scene.

Ronda Rousey reportedly didn’t complain or mess up the scene despite the injury and is said to have stayed in character. After the director yelled cut on the shot, Rousey then acknowledged the injury, saying, “Ow. You’re not gonna like this!”

Based on the rather gruesome photos of the injury, it appears Rousey injured her middle and ring fingers. The middle finger was broken and the tendon was almost severed. You can see photos of the injury at the above link. Fair warning, the photos of Rousey’s injured fingers are very graphic and gruesome. Additionally, the tip of her ring finger was fractured.

After she suffered the injury, Rousey was taken to a San Diego hospital via ambulance. Her middle finger was repaired using bolts and screws. According to the TMZ report, Rousey returned to set to the next day. Also, Rousey plans to tell the story about the injury on her own website soon.

In FOX’s 9-1-1, Rousey portrays the role of Lena Bosko, described as “a stoic and fearless member of the Los Angeles Fire Department Station 136 who leaps into action to save lives when a disaster hits.” The character is set to be a recurring role for the show’s third season.

Here's the link to the photo - https://www.tmz.com/2019/08/20/ronda...nger-911-show/