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I am curious for some other countries, how many of the players were on the roster that qualified, then the FIBA/Olympics team is a matter of just adding in 2-3 NBA players. Seemingly soccer is very much like that. And hockey.
Serbia and Spain probably had less then a handful of guys from their qualification squads as players on their final wc roster. Same with France. Half the greece team at least weren't on the qualification squads. The only time NBA and Euroleaguers got to help qualify is if qualification were held in the Summer/offseason.

People confuse the Euroleague as any team/club that plays in Europe, but the Euroleague is basically the Champions League of Basketball. It's like 16 teams, expanded to 18 this year of the Best clubs in Europe. A fair chunk of some of the WC rosters couldn't help qualify due to scheduling conflicts.